All you need to know about Alcon Wavelight Allegretto Eye Q

Alcon Wavelight Allegretto Eye Q

  • Worlds one of the most accurate latest & fastest Eximer laser.
  • Takes only 2 seconds to correct 1 dioptre.
  • TheĀ  shorter time leads to less stromalbed exposure relared to other complication.
  • It has a perfect plus technology to safely &accurately control every single laser pulse from start to finish.
  • Crossline project provides precise centnation.
  • It has got 400 Hz eye tracker which actimely traces eye movement & verifies location before releasing pulses
  • Gaussiam beam profile ensures a smooth ablation without broone or ridges while the tiny 0.68 mm spot size provides a precise ablation of corneal tissue & small tramitionĀ  zones.
  • Considers the unique curvature of each eye & addresses spherical distortion that may induce glare & affect night vision.
  • So compare to other machine, post lasik night glare is markedly less.

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