Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lasik ?

It is a procedure to remove spectacle numbers in which a flap of the cornea is created with the help of a microkeratome .this is followed by delivery of laser beam of an appropriate power. The flap is then repositioned. This simple procedure is carried out after instillation of anesthetic drops.

How old is the treatment ?

The first lasik producer was done twenty years back .Since then it is the most frequently used producer for correction of refractive errors.

Over a million people have already taken benefit of it , till date

Who can undergo Lasik ?

* Any person 18 years.or above .

*  Having stable refractive arror .

* Final conformation can be endorsed by your doctor after complete eye check up.

What numbers can be corrected by Lasik ?

Myopia (minus numbers),  Hyperopia (plus numbers) & Astigmatism (cylinder numbers) can be corrected by Lasik .

Why should I undergo Lasik ?

The commonest reasons are intolerance to contact lenses & inconvenience with spects like fogging and distortion. You may be felling visually and socially restricted by spects  or contact lenses. Career and life style are compromised due to spects , some times.

Is Lasik better than Contect Lenses ?

Contact lenses require daily care & maintenance &need to be changed from time to time . Poor contact lens  hygiene can cause vision threatening complications. Lasik is only one time procedure .

What is special about the Allegretto ?

*  It is the world’s fastest 400Hz .laser ,where as the other machine are 100 -200 Hz speed only

*  It takes only 2 seconds to correct 1 diopter . the shorter time leads to less stromlbed  exposure

Relared to other complications .

*It has an ultra small spots size with a Gaussian been profile ,enabling precise treatment and

Better post operative corneal profile with faster  recovery

*It has a perfect pulse technology to safety accurately control every single  laser pulse

From start to finish.

*It has a more faster and very well sychronised eye tracker to ensure accurate and well

Centred treatments , taking a care of all minutes saccadic movements  during the treatment

*The wave light saves up to 40 % of valuable corneal tissue for every diopter  when compared

With some other lasers.

What is Lepto Lasik or Tissue saving ?

During Lasik , a flap of the cornea is made with a machine called a microkeratome. The standard microkerotome creates a thick flap of 130 microns. A thinner flap gives batter result the procedure of creating a thin 90 microns flap of the cornea with the a special microkerotome head is called Lepto Lasik. Lepto Lasik enables us to treat higher refractive errors. It also gives better quality of vision and a most stable cornea.

Are there any contraindications of Lasik ?

Yes, patients on certain medications, patients with arthritis, previous herpes simplex infection should avoid Lasik . Female patient on contraceptive pills, or pregnant & nursing women should postpone Lasik until their hormonal status be comes normal.

Can there be re-treatments ?

Yes, if necessary.

Lasik is a very predictable procedure under or over corrections which necessitate re-treatments are extremely rare. If required re-treatment can be performed , 3 to 6 months after the initial treatment .

Will my total number be removed after surgery ?

Thinner corneas may not permit complete removal of refractive error. In this case your residual number may need to be corrected with specs. This will be made clear to you before you undergo Lasik.

You will not required specs for routine activities and driving if your corneal thickness is adequqtein a in 95% of the few activity you perform.

What will happen to my eyes 20-25 years from now ?

Your distance vision will remain good without spects , but you may need glasses for reading after the age of 40 years .

Will I face any problem when I undergo cataract surgery in the future ?

No. New formulae have been developed to calculate IOL power for patients who have undergone Lasik . It is extremely important to preserve you pre-Lasik reports for this .

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